// Tabnak Building

// Date : 2018 Jul

// Location : Arak


// Status : Construction

// Architects : Vahid Ghodsi

// Design Team : Kiana Mousavi - Amir Keshavarzian

The site of the project is located at the end of a 6 meter-wide alley, in a way that from west side is adjacent to the alley and from other three sides is next to the neighboring blocks. The site is 11.7 meter wide and 20 meter long, with the total area of 234 m2.

The building is for residential purpose with 2 separate units in 2 stories, and the common spaces that will be in ground floor, underground level and on the roof level. Since both units will be used by client himself, common areas become important parts of the building. Building adjacency to the neighboring blocks and the alley, use of natural light and natural ventilation, and formation and relation between common areas are the main design objectives.

// Villa Aftab

// Date : 2017 Sep

// Location : Mohammad Shahr, Karaj


// Status : Construction

// Architects : Vahid Ghodsi - Amir Keshavarzian - Leyla Saadat

//Presentation : Khashayar Hamidi

The site of this residential project is located in Aftab complex, in mohammad shahr town. The area of the site is around 1300 m2- 58 m by 23 m. The site is enclosed by tall trees and there are high number of trees inside the garden. However, two big walnut trees in the construction area has formed the main character and challenge of the design; how the architecture relate to these two trees and the garden.

Considering the orientation and length in one direction, the visual connection between interior spaces and the garden are in this direction of the site, and the opposite Axe is treated with solid surfaces. 6 of these solid surfaces come at sides of the building area and walnut trees. Interior spaces emerge among these solids and the solids adjust to the program. In the second level there is less building mass and open spaces are formed.


// Helal- Competition

// Date : 2017 Feb

// Location : Tehran


// Status : Competition

// Architects : Vahid Ghodsi - Amir Keshavarzian - Khashayar Hamidi


The usual formation of the buildings’ facade in the city takes place from designing an envelope on a mass which is usually the extrusion of the buildings’ initial placement. This  process leads to solidification of the city mass and elimination of greenery, and inside of the buildings, will be deprived from natural light, ventilation and having interaction with the outside .

By the means of fragmentation of the initial mass and moving the parts in an acceptable range,  aforementioned objectives can be addressed.

// Villa 101

// Date : 2013 Apr - 2016 Mar

// Location : Koohsar - Alborz


// Status : Built

// Architect : Vahid Ghodsi -

Construction Team


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Located out of the city, this residence is in a garden as one unit of a large complex of villas. In spite of the flexibility came from the big area of the site, the project faced a certain specifications and challenges such as specific shape and orientation of the site, building regulations and construction, client’s requests, etc.

The Building relationship to its environment was the basis of its design, mainly inside connection to the outside; as the building is seen as an entity in its environment. Definitely this connection must had been achieved while privacy and functionality of the building are well considered.



// Office Building

// Date : 2016 Aug

// Location : Tehran


// Status : In Progress

// Architects : Vahid Ghodsi - Amir Keshavarzian


This office building is, from north side, adjacent to a two-lane street. In usual traffic conditions vehicles pass with quite high speed. To the passengers, elements on the façade of this building looks like blinking. All the façade is designed from two mirrored elements which are almost randomly spread over the façade. Elements are made of foam concrete, make them considerably light and effectively heat insulated. The uniform size of the elements makes the construction part feasible and the result with minimum possible fault.

// A Villa in Kordan

// Date : 2015 Sep

// Location : Kordan - Alborz


// Status : Construction on hold

// Architect : Vahid Ghodsi


This mid-size residential building is designed for a 1300 m2 site in Kordan. The site is enclosed with relative high walls which makes it  a private area.

The building is trying to scale down the boundaries between the building and its environment. The initial mass of the building is cut into parts and made room for trees to integrate into the building. on the second floor, or roof, this part form a roof top area facing the garden.

// Facade competition

// Date : 2016 Apr

// Location : Tehran


// Status : Competition Entry

// Architects : Kasra Firoozi - Khashayar Hamidi - Vahid Ghodsi - Amir Keshavarzian


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Each day, 50 thousand tons of garbage is produced in Tehran from which only 8 percent is going for recycle and this is costing a considerable amount every day. Plastic disposals are one of the major ones, causing many environmental harms. This makes the process of recycling this material crucial. In a process of recycle and modification, this material can be used in building industry such as façade.

In this façade, this recycled plastic elements are used to form a dynamic system, which can control the sunlight, air current and view for each section independently.



// Villa-Kordan

// Date : 2009

// Location : Kordan - Alborz


//  Status : Design Proposal

// Architect :  Vahid Ghodsi

The building’s location is in a large garden in Kordan (about 60Km far from Tehran). Most times of the year, it is sunny. However, the weather is nice with an almost constant breeze.

 It was desirable to design something which was in perfect relation with  the environment.

There is a block in the center and other forms have been added to it.

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